Frequently asked questions

Information about my reservation;

When you complete your reservation, a detailed voucher will be sent to the e-mail address that you have registered on our system. In addition, information of our teammate who will make your transfer;

If your reservation is between 1-6 hours, you will be informed by the call center.

If there is more than 6 hours to your reservation, detailed information will be shared with you by SMS and e-mail 6 hours before your departure time, by our system.

For travelling in Turkey, based on the relevant laws and regulations, all guests in the vehicle must have their TR ID number/passport number. In addition, all information that may be requested through new applications can be requested by our team. The last guest attendance time is 2 hours 30 minutes for Istanbul, 1 hour 30 minutes for other provinces, from the vehicle departure time.

Baby-child seat in vehicles;

All services we can provide on your reservation screen are determined according to your preferences. Prices and rules change according to the countries, it is the choice of the guest to buy a baby seat for 0-2 year olds and child seat for 2-12 year olds, all legal responsibilities and penalties that may arise due to any unspecified baby-child seat request in the reservation belong to the guest. The guest should make a reservation knowing this information.

About meeting the vehicle;

For the meetings at an address, our vehicle will be waiting for you at the most convenient point at the address you have specified.

In airport transfers / pick-up from the airport;

Depending on the field properties and your reservation requests, your vehicle will be waiting for you, in a way that will not stop the traffic flow, at the exit of the relevant terminal after the welcome and/or customs control points in the airport. According to the rules at some airports, vehicles may wait outside the terminal. Therefore, the vehicle will arrive at the meeting point upon your notification after you leave the airport passenger exit gate.

Delay / Standby

About the waiting times;

  • Airport-domestic flights, 1 hour waiting: free
  • Airport-international flights, 1 hour 15 minutes waiting: free
  • Airport-domestic / international flights, in an event of delay, 3 hours waiting: free
  • Hotel and address, the first 15 minutes: free, in cases over 30 minutes: reservation will be canceled, entire transfer fee can be requested.

About exceptional circumstances and Covid-19

In case of unexpected weather conditions, flight cancellations and/or extraordinary changes between countries, your reservation fee will be refunded without any deduction. In this case, the guest is obliged to inform us about the situation as soon as possible in written form and/or via our call center number.

If the guest notifies us about changes that may occur due to the sudden rule/law changes that countries have due to the Covid-19 pandemic, payment can be made after those changes are checked.